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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This section explains answers to common questions we receive.

    How long will it take to receive my script and/or starter system?
    A. After you complete your purchase you will receive your script in a zip file in an email within 24 - 72 hours. In some rare cases it might take a day or two longer.

    What type of support do you offer for the scripts and systems?
    A. Scripts and systems are purchased without any support or warranty.

    Will you install my scripts or systems?
    A. No. Scripts and systems are purchased without any support or warranty.

    What hosting is recommended for the script/system?
    A. We recommend at least a VPS (linux) however a dedicated server is most desirable. We do not recommend a shared hosting environment.

    How long will it take my reseller account to be setup?
    A. Reseller accounts will usually be created the same or next day of your order. During Weekends and Holidays there could be some short delays.

    How does the traffic reseller account work?
    A. Becoming a reseller gives you access to  web traffic at wholesale prices. Once your reseller account is created you will be given your login information. That login information is used for purchasing traffic and viewing your and your customers stats. When you place an order, credits will be deposited in your traffic stats account  shortly after. Once credits are in your account you can create your campaigns and start receiving traffic immediatley. 1 credit is equal to 1 full page display of your website. When you run out of credits you can simply login and purchase more.

    How long does a traffic reseller account last?
    A. The reseller account is a 1 time setup fee, for setting up your reseller account and administration throughout as long as you are a reseller. Once you purchase a reseller account you will not have to purchase one from us again ever. It will last the lifetime of this program unless the terms of service agreement is broken, then we reserve the right to delete your account for abusing our program.

    How much can i resell your traffic for?
    A. Resellers can sell our traffic for any price they would like to. Once you purchase the traffic it is yours to send where you want to and do what you want with. As long as your campaigns follow the terms of service. Resellers may not reproduce any of our websites content withour our expressed permission.

    Do you provide unbranded stats for me and my customers?
    A. Yes. You can simply refer your customers to our designated unbranded stats area or you provide stats on your own website. Resellers can simply login to their reseller account and copy a peice of code and create a page called stats.html or similar and paste the code we supplied into that page. This way your customers dont know your traffic source and we stay in the background. You will also have full control over your account and your customers accounts via your reseller account.

    What kind of traffic do you offer?
    A. The traffic we offer is wholesale bulk traffic, this traffic is global, unfiltered, and untargeted. The source of this traffic can include any number or combination of the following at any give time, these sources can also change at any given time: pop-unders, pop-ups, redirected domains, traffic exchanges, links, etc. all will display your website or ad in a full page view. We do not use any methods of spam such as unsolicited email or any other kind of spam to generate traffic.

    What is the current delivery rates for traffic?
    A. We currently deliver traffic on an openended basis. Meaning there is no specific or guaranteed delivery time for traffic campaigns. This is because we sell very large quantities at wholesale prices, and delivery rates change daily depending on the order load. We do not want to promise you something we cannot deliver or can deliver today but cant tomorrow, we have seen situations where resellers out sell the supply of traffic and wholesale companies cannot deliver the traffic in the 30 days or guaranteed time. This results in a refund and financial loss which the reseller has to endure after the traffic has been paid for and delivered. We do not want to see this happen to our resellers so we do not guarantee delivery times. Its simply less stress for us and our resellers, having a guarantee might generate more sales but it will also generate more refunds and financial loss. An estimated delivery time we can give would be 30 days for each 25,000 - 50,000 size campaign.

    Do you offer refunds on the services you provide?
    A. Unfortunatley no, as our services require our time, and you just cant refund time. We do not provide refunds for reseller accounts, traffic, or scripts and systems. This is because once we send you the script its yours, install the website and its yours, or create your reseller account which is a one time administration fee. These services once done can not be taken back, so there are no refunds on these type of services. There are also no refunds for traffic. Resellers are able to purchase traffic only when they sell it, once purchased the traffic is yours, instead of offering a refund we simply encourage you to sell it or use it. You can store the credits in your reseller account for as long as youd like, and create your campaigns whenever you'd like.

    Are there any guarantees with this service?
    A. We guarantee you that when you place an order, we will process it and get you setup as soon as possible, for which ever service you order. We will also help you with any problems or questions you are having and guide you through with fast, friendly service. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with something, we will do what we can and work with you to make sure you are satisfied.

    What type of support do you offer?
    A. We offer support on our contact us page, and administered via e-mail. As a soley internet based operation all of our support is handled via the internet. We do not offer phone support because any question or problem you are having can be answered and taken care of via email. We can provide phone support if needed, we still ask you contact us via email first.

    What are the terms of service?
    A. In order for us to continue provide web traffic at wholesale prices, your traffic campaigns must follow these conditions, your traffic campaign cannot include any of the following: pop-ups, pop-unders, contain dialog boxes, malicious code, break frame, contain adult material or anything illegal. We reserve the right to deem what we feel is innapropriate for the general viewing audience, as innapropriate. Failure to comply with these terms will have your account possibly suspended, deleted, and any campaigns and credit associated with your account possibly deleted, depending on the circumstance. Prices and the Terms of Service may change at any time, without notice.

    If you cant find the answer to your question listed here, please contact us

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